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    Skywalker China Co., Ltd,located in Dezhou City,Shandong Province,We specialize in manufacturing, R & D and sales of solar monocrystal modules, polycrystalline modules, solar street light modules and other products as well as PV system installation and construction units. We provide 360 ° sunlight service to our customers, create electricity and economic benefits. Mainly exported to the European Union, the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia and other regions, well received at home and abroad customers, with good market credibility.


What is the photovoltaic eight main materials?

PV module is the package and internal connection, can provide DC power alone, indivisible, the smallest PV cell assembly device. It is the core components of photovoltaic power generation system, composed of eight core materials.

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    According to the family needs, reasonable planning layout, design customized photovoltaic panels to meet the needs of household electricity.


    The installation of photovoltaic on the roof of residential areas can improve the utilization ratio of the roof and save the electricity expenditure of each household.


photovoltaics Knowledge  

Installation of photovoltaic power plant, how to select the right photovoltaic panel?

Photovoltaic (PV) plate is a kind of plate which can generate electricity by making use of the photoelectric effect of semiconductor. At present, there are many places to use photovoltaic panels to generate electricity, so as to achieve the goal of energy conservation and multi-purpose electricity. So, to install photovoltaic power plants, how do we choose suitable for our use of photovoltaic panels?


What should we pay attention to to to improve power generation? Components, inverters, operation and maintenance.

What are the factors that affect the capacity of photovoltaic plants? The same investment, the same lighting, a little attention to design and installation, the results can be very different. How to make the system to generate more power, to improve photovoltaic power to pay attention to the five factors, these five aspects can make photovoltaic system better power generation.