Installation of photovoltaic power plant, how to select the right photovoltaic panel?

Photovoltaic (PV) plate is a kind of plate which can generate electricity by making use of the photoelectric effect of semiconductor. At present, there are many places to use photovoltaic panels to generate electricity, so as to achieve the goal of energy conservation and multi-purpose electricity. So, to install photovoltaic power plants, how do we choose suitable for our use of photovoltaic panels?

1. According to the use of the selection of suitable size of photovoltaic panels



we all know that in the market of photovoltaic panels of different sizes, uses are not the same. So how do we pick the size of a photovoltaic panel? The first thing we need to know is why we bought this panel. If we are using for home electricity generation, then it is recommended to buy a larger size of the board, because this will be able to meet our home electricity consumption as much as possible. If you're looking for something that's not too big, like an electric car, buy a smaller panel that fits the car.

2. According to their purchasing power to choose the price of photovoltaic panels



suitable for the selection of the size of photovoltaic panels, it will be based on their purchasing power to choose the price of the right panel. When it comes to price, it's not as if you buy photovoltaic panels from the lowest bidder. But according to their own ability to pay, to choose the price can be acceptable, and the quality of photovoltaic panels guaranteed. Because, after all, this power generation board is used for their own power generation, safety first, and can provide security, is the quality of the power generation board.

3. Choosing a regular manufacturer to purchase



PV panels is now a very different brand on the market. Many ordinary people do not know much about PV panels and are only pursuing low prices, but they are likely to plant safety hazards for the power plant, therefore, small make-up suggested that we choose regular, first-line brand board, because big manufacturers production workshop is dust-free and strict process requirements, products are also heavily tested before listing, big-brand PV panels not only produce more electricity, are safer and last longer.

In combination with the above, we select photovoltaic panels, is to select a large number of photovoltaic panel manufacturers in the United States to select high-quality products, to buy. This way, will not give us too much economic pressure, but at the same time, when we use to provide a certain degree of security, so that we can safely generate electricity.