PV module is the package and internal connection, can provide DC power alone, indivisible, the smallest PV cell assembly device. It is the core components of                                                                              photovoltaic power generation system, composed of eight core materials.


What is the photovoltaic eight main materials?




Photovoltaic packaging film is an important component of photovoltaic modules, located in the upper and lower sides of the battery. The primary function of the film is to bond the battery to the glass and back plate. Secondly, the film can play a protective role in the packaging, to protect the battery circuit from external environmental interference, extend the service life of the components. In addition, the packaging film can enhance the light transmission of photovoltaic modules, and thus improve the efficiency of the modules. Finally, the film acts as a structural support and positioning device for the battery during assembly production, storage, installation, and use. According to the material, the main film Eva, Poe, Epe, PVB. Eva film is the mainstream of PV packaging film, with good light transmission, good processing performance, stable supply and low cost, but there are high water vapor permeability, low impact resistance, unstable PID resistance and other shortcomings. The POE film has low water vapor permeability and good anti-PID performance. It is suitable for the package of double glass module and n-type module, but the processing property is poor and the cost is high.